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Here are a few thoughts on acquiring a band or orchestral instrument for your student. It is important, not only that each student has an instrument that is their own to play at school and at home, but also that they have a quality instrument which has been properly adjusted. An instrument that works the way it is supposed to work sets the student up for success and makes his or her musical experience much more enjoyable.

Circle Music Center has found that a “generic,” “no-name” instrument, while cheap in price, will not perform properly (at least, not for very long). Generally speaking, it will need contact adjustment and will greatly diminish musical progress as a child may tend to blame themselves for the unspectacular performance rather than correctly blaming the shoddy instrument.

Circle Music Center offers both new and used brand-name instruments to rent or purchase, all at a very reasonable rate. All used, new, and like-new instruments have been inspected and adjusted by an expert repair technician to ensure that they meet the needs of your student.


We also Sell and Rent Online

If you choose to buy an instrument online, do so only from an established online music dealer. There are many knock-offs, fakes, and cookie-cutter instruments that seem like a great deal at the time, but will end up costing you in the long run. Many of these are instruments made of cheap metal and cannot be repaired when they break! If you do have an instrument that you wish your student to use, we encourage you to bring it to your band director or to Circle Music Center to have it inspected.

If you have any questions, ask your band director or call Circle Music Center to ask about our rental programs or about purchasing an instrument.

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