Here’s How Instrument Rentals Work:

  • Rent Your Instrument: Until you own it, or until you return it, it is up to you.
  • Return Any Time: No long term commitment.
  • Easy Exchange: Transfer your payments to another instrument if your child changes instruments.
  • Repair & Replacement Coverage: With our Worry Free Plan, We’ll take care of routine repairs, accidental damage, and loss due to fire or theft.
  • Free Loaners: With our Worry Free Plan, We’ll provide a loaner when your instrument comes in for repair so your student doesn’t miss valuable classroom time.
  • Purchase Outright and Save: If you choose, you may pay off early for 25% off what is left on the contract!
  • Upgrade: If your student loves it and you want to buy a better instrument, you can use a portion of your rent paid towards a step-up instrument.

We designed our instrument rental program with the parent in mind.  Nobody knows if the student is going to.. stick with it, change their mind, love it and play for the rest of their lives, lose it on the bus or… you’ve got the picture.

We offer fast, easy, flexible, no-pressure, no-hassle, musical instrument rentals for just these reasons.


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