Things to Know When Purchasing a Piano

Purchasing a piano for your family can create a lifetime of enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. A little preparation is helpful so that you purchase a piano that is appropriate for your needs and will insure your family’s musical success. The first step in choosing a piano involves establishing your musical and furniture needs to fulfill your dreams. A piano will provide elegance, sophistication and beauty to your home, so you want an instrument that will play properly and compliment your home’s décor.  Musically, you need to select a piano that has the key touch and musical tone that you like.

When purchasing a new or used piano from Lane Music:

  • new pianos usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty, a complimentary tuning, moving, and more cabinetry and finish choices.
  • used pianos are generally reconditioned, and they usually come with a dealer warranty, moving and complimentary tuning.
  • a trade up policy that will give you the full purchased price of your piano when you desire a higher quality piano.

When purchasing a used piano privately, you’ll find:

  • they are generally less expensive than retail, assuming the seller has a realistic understanding of the value and condition of their piano.
  • there is no warranty.
  • the moving cost is usually the responsibility of buyer.
  • less selection in furniture cabinetry and finish.
  • that extra service is often required to restore the piano’s touch and tone
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