Pre-Owned Pianos

Circle Music Center carries the best selection of pre-owned pianos.

 We’re a family owned business that takes pride in all of our products. We are dedicated to our community and consider our clients like family.

Before you take a chance on a piano from an unknown source, come to Circle Music Center and let us assist you with your decision so you get the right piano for your needs.

Buying from a reputable dealer like Circle Music Center ensures that pre-owned pianos have been inspected by an expert and is ready to sell. We’ll take the worry out of the buying process!

We have a great selection of affordable, pre-owned pianos available to see in store or in our piano warehouse. Our pre-owned grand pianos are priced to sell! Come see us and learn about our trade-up policy!

Click here to Beware Gray Market Pianos

A gray market piano is a piano being sold in an area and climate that is not suitable for that piano. Manufacturers of pianos craft their pianos in specific ways to accommodate local climates. A piano made to reside on the cold, arid side of the Rocky Mountains moved to a hot, humid area of Southern Florida can develop a host of problems. The strings won’t keep a tune, the finish wears away, or (most commonly) the wood either dries out completely or accumulates too much moisture and begins cracking or warping. It’s like trying to take a Toyota Prius out to the desert to do some off-road exploring; it just wasn’t made for that.

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