Yamaha Hybrid Pianos


Many performers complain that playing a standard digital piano feels wildly different from an acoustic piano. Yamaha found the solution to this problem by creating an entirely new class of pianos: hybrids. The Yamaha Hybrid Pianos lineup is a new class of pianos made to act like a digital piano with all of a digital’s modern features and flexibility while feeling to the player like he or she is playing an acoustic piano. The hybrid series uses the same action found in Yamaha’s acoustic pianos to offer the same touch and response of an acoustic piano, from the bounce and pressure of the keystrokes to the subtle changes in resistance of the damper pedal.

The NU1 model is meant to resemble and feel like a standard upright acoustic piano, using the same action as Yamaha’s vertical acoustic pianos. However, the Avantgrand series (N1, N2, and N3) models are meant to reflect the touch and response of a full-size grand piano, using the same action found in Yamaha’s grand acoustic pianos.

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