Circle Music Center Recital Hall Rental

Consider the Circle Music Center Recital Hall for your next performance or event!

Recital hall rentals include use of grand pianos (tuning required for performances), plus chairs and stands. The recital hall located in Memphis, TN has 80+ seats,.

Optional Services/Equipment

  • Use of eight-foot table
  • One event posting on Lane Music website calendar
  • Posters or Signage around Lane Music Location
  • Additional equipment (microphones, stands, etc)

Reception Space

Circle Music Center provides a reception space and tables only (eight foot). Reception areas MUST be reserved as part of the rental application. The renting party must provide all necessary food, water and drinks and service items. The renting party is also responsible for removal of all service items. At the conclusion of a reception, renting parties are responsible for collecting trash and placing in the proper receptacles.

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