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Instrument Repair

Circle Music Center has in-house instrument repair for stringed and fretted instruments (guitars, bass guitars, orchestral instruments, etc) only. Repairs for band instruments, keyboards/electronic instruments, and amplifiers are handled by outside technicians, for which we serve as the go-between, drop-off, and pick-up location. For repair and maintenance on pianos, Circle Music Center has technicians that can be referred to you. … Continued

Piano Tuning

Circle Music Center contracts only the most talented and experienced piano tuners the Mid South have to offer. Whether you have a little 60’s-era spinet that’s out of tune, or a 7’6″ concert piano that needs a quick touch-up, our team of master tuners can have your piano as finely tuned as the day you bought it. … Continued

Piano Moving

Circle Music Center uses a professional moving crew trained to move any piano, from the smallest digital to the largest concert grand piano. Whether you are renting a piano from us, buying a piano for your home or church, or moving a piano from your old house to your new one, they can move it. Circle … Continued